Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A weekend in food pictures.

I went to San Antonio this past weekend to visit J. We had a blast, did lots of talking and snuggling, and ate some amazing food (both home and restaurant cooked!) So for your drooling pleasure, I thought I'd post some of the pictures.

Rachel and I cooked this the evening before I left: baked chicken thighs and onions in a chipotle cilantro sauce, topped with tomatoes, avocados, and goat cheese. We made this recipe totally up! But will definitely be making it again.

Friday night in San Antonio we cooked: steamed asparagus, mahi-mahi topped with olive oil, salt and pepper, tomatoes and cilantro. We also had some shrimpies sauteed in a white wine and cilantro sauce.

Saturday morning: French toast topped with blackberries and raspberries, with bacon and eggs. BACON!!

Sunday, we went to a pretty new restaurant in downtown San Antonio owned by John Besh: Luke. I don't have a picture of my meal, a crab and avocado omelet. J had the famous burger on the menu....and I didn't realize I'd get an appetizer too when I ordered this bloody mary:

Many of the people at my gym eat according to the Paleo lifestyle (article courtesy of Hunt.Gather.Love) but I'm not quite sure it's totally for me. I have incorporated a lot of the tenets of Paleo into my own cooking and I'm really enjoying how I'm eating. Mostly, I've cut out processed foods and I'm focusing a lot more on protein, vegetables, and healthy natural fats. I'm doing a lot more cooking on my own now and just generally trying to eat healthier while trying new foods. I'm going to the Farmer's Market bi-weekly and stocking up on vegetables and meat to freeze. J is super supportive of my new eating habits and he has always encouraged me to cook...but it's really cute, when we'll cook something or eat something he asks "Is this Paleo?"


  1. That food looks delicious. I'm happy to be following your blog now!

  2. food looks great Ali :)
    Congrats on the new blog...keep it up!

  3. The Dekalb FM is the absolute best - so much cheaper than regular grocery stores!
    As for paleo and whether or not you choose to completely make the switch - either way, making small changes is the best way to go about permanently altering your diet. Drastic bandwagon jumps, don't work. Keep up the good work! :)