Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A weekend in food pictures.

I went to San Antonio this past weekend to visit J. We had a blast, did lots of talking and snuggling, and ate some amazing food (both home and restaurant cooked!) So for your drooling pleasure, I thought I'd post some of the pictures.

Rachel and I cooked this the evening before I left: baked chicken thighs and onions in a chipotle cilantro sauce, topped with tomatoes, avocados, and goat cheese. We made this recipe totally up! But will definitely be making it again.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Turkey! It's what's for dinner.

It was a long day at work...full of treacherous commutes and enough Microsoft Access to make a woman go cross-eyed. So on the way home I suddenly had a huge craving for lettuce wraps. I don't know why! But instead of finding the next PF Changs, I went home and made my own version. Warning: Pictures were taken with my iPhone, so they're not super quality.

First, I sauteed some ground turkey in some olive oil, and added salt, pepper, and garlic. Then I chopped up some zucchini and tomato, and added that to the pan. Stirred that around a bit, and added some soy sauce and some citrus vinaigrette that I got at the Florida's Natural gift shop in Orlando.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Adventures in Redecorating vol.1

My first inspiration post! Now let me say as a disclaimer that I have NO interior design training or even potential whatsoever. In fact, being an engineer, I rarely even use that side of my brain. I just like things that are pretty.

While browsing through Google Reader today, I came upon an image of a master bedroom that I couldn't stop staring at. Because I just moved to a new apartment, I've got the itch to change the color scheme in my room. I've also had my comforter for almost three years and while I love it, I'm ready for a change. So, here's the bedroom that captivated me this morning:

Image via styleathome

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow (and a lot of Ice!) Day

Snowmageddon 2011 is upon us! None of us were able to leave the complex today to make the trek to work. Luckily we went to the grocery store yesterday and stocked up on everything before the rush. Rachel, Christine, and I holed ourselves up in the apartment today and worked from home. During lunch we took a little break and put all of our winter gear on. Right near our new apartment is a great little park on the Beltline where you can let your dogs off the leash and run around. Someone had kindly already built a snowman, so we hijacked it for a picture to make it look like we built it.

When we got back, we finished up some more work and then began making dinner. I wish I had some pictures of it - it was super good. I think Christine and I have cooked more together in the last few weeks of us not being roommates than when we actually were roommates, haha.

It looks like it's going to be another ice day tomorrow. We are certainly iced into the complex, there's a hill that is going to make it difficult to reach the main road.